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Joining one of the earliest Banks providing services for cryptocurrencies in Germany, I joined  Hauck Aufhäuser Lampe Privatbank AG in 2022. Aiming at broadening my horizon towards tradtional financial markets after having concluded my doctoral studies on cryptocurrencies, I joined a team working on digital client experience and digital transformation.


Before transitioning into banking, I spent most of my awake hours researching the financial markets of crypto assets. Starting with crawling order book data and calculating liquidity measures as a student assistant at Humboldt-University Berlin, I graduated with a thesis on volatility predictions for Bitcoin using neural network-based machine learning. Soon I affiliated with Weizenbaum Institute, a think tank on digitalization issues, and started my doctoral studies at the Technical University of Berlin. I worked on topics at the intersection of computer science and financial economics: stablecoin design approaches and arbitrage, monetary characteristics of speculative cryptocurrencies, and modeling trader behavior.


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